Exploring the outdoors and creating art from nature. These are the two ventures that bring me the most joy. I am a landscape and nature photographer first. I am fascinated by the little things in nature. The way the light reflects and sparkles on a body of water, the veins and textures in a leaf, the intricate shapes and patterns on a rock or tree trunk. Whether it's in my hands or through my viewfinder, nature brings me the most happiness.

Located in Oregon, I am surrounded by such a diverse range of terrain. Mountains, deserts, ocean, rain forests.. It's a never ending playground for someone like me! I have always enjoyed collecting rocks, driftwood, pressing flowers and other things along those lines. I explored every possibility on how I can combine my flora, rocks and wood into something more. I stumbled upon epoxy resin in 2018. And that is what has set me on the creative path I am on now. As someone who has never worn a piece of jewelry in her life, it came as a surprise to me that making jewelry would be the craft that stuck. Making my own jewelry by hand has opened up a whole new world for me. Such as soldering, metalwork, woodworking, sculpting, getting to use an array of  tools while getting lost for hours in making these tiny little things. And in turn, I now have even more of an excuse to engage myself in nature.

I like to evoke a feeling of organic, rustic and handmade into my pieces. I embrace physical flaws in my work as they only add to the piece's unique character. A cookie cutter, straight out of the mold product is not my style. And if I can make it myself from scratch, I will. I am completely self-taught in photography and metal-smith/jewelry making, avoiding as many outside influences as possible. The road to achieving satisfying, creative goals may be longer and more challenging, but I feel like that is the only way one can achieve their own unique style. Which in turn leads to greater fulfillment and pride in ones work.


Thank you for taking the time to view my creative passions. I hope that they will bring someone out there joy, motivation, a creative spark or just a pleasant moment, the same as they have brought me.


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